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I've complained about the camera before, but now I have to admit that graphically the game's at least decent, specially because of the characters' design. The Human Torch and his combos look great and so do most of the attacks of the quartet. Flames and energy fields are accompanied by sparks and blasts that will give you that small percentage of the eye candy you were hunting for. Rise of the Silver Surfer is a very colorful game and that applies to the environments, the characters and the enemies. Surprisingly enough, you'll enjoy the gameplay graphics more than those you'll see during cutscenes, but if you want to feast your eyes on quality content, you should check out the other versions of this title, preferably the PS3 and Xbox 360 ones. Altair is the main character of the game and his name means "The Flying One" in Arabic. As you'll notice about 20 minutes in the game, the man sure is a daredevil when it comes to jumping out of tall towers. We all know that Altair is an assassin, killing great historic figures in 1191, during the Third Crusade. What we don't know and what will surprise you right from the get-go is the fact that all the events you'll be living (playing) are 3D representations of the genetic memories embedded in the man's DNA. You're Desmond Miles, a mere bartender (and assassin), who comes from a long line of professional assassins and you unwillingly take part in an experiment that allows you to go back in time and access hidden areas of your genetic memory. I'm feeling the game, I really am, thanks to its graphics, that make it a real stunner, even for an acclaimed console like the Xbox 360. I've yet to see the PC version of NHL 08, but I wonder how good can this game get? You've got the classic camera angles: overhead, classic, broadcast, action or ice plus tons of instant replays and magic NHL moments, when the logo of the US league is shown, making you feel like you're watching the Stanley Cup final on TV. All the players are designed to look l

Today, duplicate files are more like stubborn body fat, your PC's "love handles": Not exactly welcome, but too much trouble to remove. Good thing the programmers aren't taking it lying down! For example, there's Scm Scr301 Driver from Michael Thummerer Software Design. It's a free duplicate finder that seems to have an answer for every question, at least those pertaining to finding and rooting out duplicate files, wherever they hide. ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6 is an award-winning antivirus with fast and powerful detection of malware. Recipient of the 2012 PCMag.comA?A??A?A? award for the "Most Consumer Recommended" product in the security category, ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6 features an all-new Anti-Phishing module that protects you from fake websites trying to acquire your personal information. The new Social Media Scanner extends your security to FacebookA??A?A® by checking your wall, news feed and private messages for malicious content. Cybersecurity Training teaches you tips and techniques to make your online experience safer through a series of online educational modules that are grounded in real world cybercrime scenarios. Scaling Watermark adds a diagonal and a horizontal watermarks to your images so that your copyrights are readable in both full-size and thumbnail size. The diagonal watermark scales to 100% of the image's diagonal size but can be limited by the user to a maximum font size. The user can also specify the text's font, color and transparency. The watermark is always at the correct diagonal angle, regardless of the image's width and height. The horizontal watermark is always in the bottom-right corner and occupies 33% of the image's width. Navigate to File->Setup to configure the watermark settings. Some watermarking may take longer to complete because the program saves images in high resolution. Deleted files aren't completely deleted when you send them to the Recycle Bin. Even when you empty the Recycle Bin, deleted files aren't wiped from the disk. A secure file deletion tool can scrub every trace of a deleted file from your disk drive, but that means more steps and opening another piece of software. We looked at D

Maybe the bosses will give you a hard time, but such battles tend to be rather long than difficult. Once again I have to compare Brave Traveler with Final Fantasy, because it features a fun bird-catching minigame, similar to the whole Chocobo racing concept we played in the FF series. This time, the birds aren't golden ostrich-like creatures, but average ones, available in all sorts of colors. Tatsuya gets a net and a time limit to catch these birds in a ring. You should know that each of the flying critters will be part of an ultimate bird, created at the end of the bird-catching minigame through the fusion of the ones you caught. The puzzles are more interesting than those of your average platformer. For example, to get on a high cliff you have to scare a skunk away, which will cause Tak to smell, which in turn causes a bear to run, thus discovering a bee hive dripping with honey. As the bear lies down to let the honey drip in its mouth you can now jump on its stomach as a means of reaching the cliff. Many puzzles involve Tak's ability to turn into some creatures, such as a squirrel, a frog, a boar or a bear - each animal having its own unique special attack and abilities. As a squirrel you can ride strong updrafts of air to reach otherwise inaccessible locations, as a frog you are able to swim in otherwise perilous areas and grapple onto dragonflies, as a boar you can move quickly through mud and you can smash through gates, while as a bear you can slide dow

Frequent checkpoints and quick saves help counter most of this frustration, though some stretches are particularly brutal. The fact that these killer areas are sometimes sandwiched between quieter zones offers some relief, but they tend to blindside you as a result. Multiplayer could and should be the saving grace. It is at the heart of the entire Call of Duty experience, and the option here does provide a lot of the depth seen in the console games when it comes to classes, earning experience, and acquiring new gear. But it still doesn't work, due to some questionable design decisions. The biggest issue is the scale of battle. Maps in all of the modes of play (a healthy selection of games includes Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Kill Confirmed, and Scm Scr301 Driver Zone) are absurdly cramped, even for the maximum number of eight players that can take part in matches. Things are so crammed together that players spawn right in the middle of the action, making games little more than pure mayhem devoid of strategy. Luck is a major factor in winning or losing a multiplayer match. Why can battles be monotonous? It comes down to The Bureau's very blueprint for battle, which has you slowing down the action to a snail's pace so you can issue specific orders to your squad in addition to performing your own special powers. The idea here was to translate turn-based combat into a shooter milieu, but when the mission gets tough, the stop-and-go pacing gets disruptive. Your vulnerable squadmates are dunderheads, thinking nothing of stepping on a mine

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If multiplayer is your thing, Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike is a great expansion to an already solid offering.


When it comes to the supported image types, this application will handle only three, namely JPG, PNG and GIF. An important omission is the BMP format that is very widespread, but there are others that could have been included here, even though not as often encountered as bitmaps, like TIFF or TGA. Also, there is only one quality adjustment available in the form of a slider ranging from 1 to 100 and it applies just for JPG pictures.


Saving clippings and editing web pages are not features to find in any RSS reader. They are of great help, especially for researching purposes, but not only. Watch list, news filtering and file import directly to the library complete the list of features sported by eSobi.


Where this monkey-thing came from?I really don't know but surely this isn't monkey business. Apart from the childish monkey background and generally speaking the "monkeysm" in icons and stuff, the software is a well-designed one.


PSTSync is the ultimate solution for all of your PST file management problems. PSTSync can handle all types of Outlook mail folders. PSTSync will help you keep your mobile laptop in sync with your desktop at all times. Just select the PST files from the PSTSync screen and check off which folders to synchronize and click the Synchronize button. That’s it! It has tons of other features that you wont find in other Outlook synchronization tools.


What is more important, upon removing the folders, you will have to be sure that they don't belong to any software that may need it later for storing temporary files or anything else. That is why there is a list of folders to be skipped: hidden folders, write-protected ones or system folders. As a precaution, the application can create a backup to be restored in case some sensitive directories have been deleted.

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